Call for submission of Art works on "Committed to Fight against the Coronavirus": Art Exhibition,

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Call for submission of Art works on "Committed to Fight against the Coronavirus": Art Exhibition, Righteous Shooting & Donation640.webp (1).jpg

In January 2020, near the traditional Chinese New Year of the Lunar Year of the Rat, a new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia emerged. Facing a fierce epidemic, medical staff across the nation rushed to the front line immediately during their vacations.

The angels in white fighting on the front lineis just a tip of an iceberg.. There are lots of people with different jobs contribute to the control of the disease, such as policemen, bus drivers, post officers, etc. Facing this war without smoke,  they   has no intention   to stop their steps   while walking directly to the infected area. They are fearless, dedicated, and enthusiastically serving the people, showing a spirit of selfless dedication and noble professional ethics. They are practitioners who don't forget their original intentions and move forward bravely. They are heroes of the new era!

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Although overseas Chinese cannot come to the front line to save our compatriots’ lives like the angels in white do, we are deeply concern about our motherland and do our best to assist our fellow citizens in our hometown. To this end, we co-sponsored the China Calligraphy and Painting Art Research Center, Mingbi No. 1 Academy (Beijing, China) Cultural Exchange Center, Puren Alliance (Beijing, China) International Health Management Co., Ltd. and some overseas media to launch this collection of art works for exhibition, broadcast, righteous auction and donation.



Chinese and overseas Chinese artists and enthusiasts for calligraphy and painting, photography, paper cutting, poetry, song and poetry, couplets, etc.640.webp (3).jpg640.webp (3).jpg


1. Demonstrate, reflect, depict, and praise the battle-fighting medical and nursing staff, army officers and soldiers, police officers and other excellent workers in various fields in the fight against the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the country.

2. Unlimited content, specifications, themes, and categories such as calligraphy, painting, photography, paper cutting, poetry, poetry, couplets, etc.. More than two pictures.

3. Copyright and other related matters of the submitted works are responsible by the author himself.

4. There is no charge for this event.

5. The works can be mailed to the organizing committee according to the traffic conditions of the local area.

6. Submission form and submission address: Submit an electronic photo of the work. Please specify the author’s name, national ID number (international driver ’s license number), hometown, telephone, work name, size, material, form with a pencil on the back of the work. Provide a personal profile as well.

7. Submission Deadline: April 15, 2020 Email:

Mailing address: Room 825, Building 1, Sanli, Ruixuechuntang, Liangxiang, Beijing, China Postcode: 102488

Guilin Peng's mobile phone: (0086) 13681559538; WeChat: wxid_rlj7rrwa155a22 Ms. Zhou: (0086) 13311393908; WeChat: 13311393908

Ms. Wu: (0086) 13697697665; WeChat: 13697697665

Nancy Peng: (001) 6143778371; WeChat: Nancyaxpeng

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We are duty-bound to join in the battle against the epidemic. The Organizing Committee proposes to invite overseas Chinese artists to take up the artistic "weapons" in their hands and use their artistic talents to fight together with the people of the whole country. In this way, we can show our love to our hometown and our motherland, and we can support Wuhan with our own efforts.

Wuhan, keep strong! China, keep fighting!

The final interpretation of this event lies with the organizer.



Call for submission of Art works on "Committed to Fight against the Coronavirus": Art Exhibition, Righteous Shooting & DonationIn January 2020, near the traditi...
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